Press Release: 05-07-04

The legend of Atlantis has mystified myriads of explorers, for thousand of years. Now it is a physical reality. Troy was a myth for many centuries, until it was discovered. The paramount mystery of Atlantis is finally solved. 50 undebateable scientific proofs are recorded in the new book, “Atlantis Motherland,” by Authors, Flying Eagle and Whispering Wind. 25 years of Eagle/Wind Research, reveals the authenticity and exact location of Atlantis. Only one location on Earth coincides with all known history, legends and myths. The Island of Atlantis lies beneath the Sea of Azov, north of the Black Sea. The Metropolis of Atlantis was on top of a hill in the center of a great plain. This hill is now above the sea. It is the Hill of Mithridat in the center of the Crimean City of Kerch. Currently accessible beneath this hill are ancient quarries, catacombs and rooms as mentioned in ancient Atlantis history. Ruins of ancient tower foundations and remnants of massive stone walls are clearly visible underwater in Kerch Strait. Part of Atlantis lies in Russia. An extensive political dialogue is now being formulated to attain United Nations influence to create a World Heritage site on the Hill of Mithridat. Eagle/Wind Research details a dramatic reversal of the current Biblical Flood Theory. These discoveries will instigate a tremendous stimulus to the economy of this area and unite the One World Family for peaceful co-existence.

Atlantis Motherland book reveals the heritage of all Humans. It contains over 200 beautiful art renditions, graphics and maps. The unconventional mixture of a love story, science fiction, philosophy and solid scientific facts, creates exciting reading for any adult. This book is a powerful trajectory into the unknown realms of the human mind and its power to generate a cultural superstructure which is comprehensively designed to be the alternative to the extinction of the human species and all life forms on Planet Earth. Atlantis Motherland is published by Cosmic Vortex, Maui Hawaii. Website: http://atlantis-motherland.com

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