ATLANTIS Fountains

The magnificent fountains, "in gracious plenty flowing," were located on the center island. They were the source of the vital refreshing water for the Citadel and a source of natural delight to the inhabitants of Atlantis.

The hot water fountain was created by the Xylanthians, by tapping into the abundant natural geothermal energy beneath the island. This hot water was used to create numerous baths, both public and private, for men and women. Special baths were also created for their beloved horses and cattle.

The Crimea has been known for thousands of years for the curative powers of its rich mineral water. Ancient Persians, Greeks and Romans have all enjoyed the splendor of these refreshing springs. There are currently over 300 healing sanatoriums in Crimea. The government of Crimea has recently decided to sell these world historic treasures to private business. The quality and integrity of these natural resources must be protected. Currently the natural geothermal energy is being utilized to power industry in Kerch, Crimea.


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