The Atlantis Motherland book explains that Plato's Atlantis Dialogues revealed that Atlantis was founded on a hill, about six miles from the sea, in the center of the southern edge of a vast, flat, level, and oblong shaped fertile plain. The plain “looked” to the south and faced a magnificent sea. Innumerable rivers meandered across the fertile plain, forming lakes and marshes.

The plain was sheltered from the cold northern blasts of the ice age by the strongest magnetic anomaly on earth. On the northern boundary of this plain stand richly forested mountains, with numerous rivers, streams and meadows. Beyond this fertile plain stretched a "boundless continent."

For over 200,000 years, tribes of Neanderthals, and a myriad of plants and animals, inhabited this lust garden paradise. Rich deposits of minerals, precious metals, coal, oil and natural gas were plentiful. Great reserves of geothermal energy produced numerous natural fountains and hot springs, and rich cold mineral springs bubbled up in abundance.

Then, about 40,000 years ago, there occurred a sudden change in the culture of the primitive tribes.  This primal paradise became the home of an adventurous band of extraterrestrials, from the Sirius Star System. They united with the primitive Earth tribes and began a new civilization, which we now call the empire of Atlantis.

Today, almost 40 millennia later, this hill is known as Mithridat Hill. It now rests on a thin peninsula, known as Kerch Peninsula, in Crimea, Ukraine. The vast fertile now rests beneath the Sea of Azov, where it sank during the Great Atlantis Flood. Beneath the Sea of Azov, thousands of years of accumulated alluvial silt now cover the treasures of Atlantis.


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