ATLANTIS Elephant Parade

The Empire of Atlantis grew quickly. Many primitive tribes migrated to this fertile steppe area. They were welcome to join this new civilization as there was plenty of food and farming lots available. The early Atlantians had no greed and the king and leaders truly nurtured all citizens equally. The very diverse population lived together in harmony.

This was the Golden Age of Atlantis. Sonchis Trnsacript records: "For many generations ...they possessed true and in every way great spirits, uniting gentleness with wisdom...thinking lightly of the possession of gold and other properties...neither were they intoxicated by luxury; nor did wealth deprive them of their self-control...and clearly saw that all these goods are increased by virtue and friendship with one another."

The Sonchis transcript records: "...there was a great number of elephants in the island." These elephants were used for many functions; transportation, hauling, pulling, entertainment and games of competition. Elephants were decorated with elegant ornamentation for special holidays and celebrations.

There is ample evidence of mammoths inhabiting this region. Many artifacts carved of ivory have been recovered and prehistoric houses built entirely from hundreds of mammoth bones have been discovered in various places on the fertile plain of the Ukrainian Steppe.


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