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"A Timeless Love Story"

Leon Flying Eagle & Mary Whispering Wind

We journeyed together for thirty-three years, to explore the ancient mysteries of life. Our meeting was a classic case of love at first sight. We immediately realized that we shared an insatiable curiosity to find the motherland of our beloved ancestors, and to seek the answers to life's deepest questions, such as;

Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Seeking to answer these primordial questions inspired our quest for knowledge of the origin of our comanche tribe, and our ancient ancestors; for the purpose of understanding ourselves and our present cultures. In our search to find these answers we have studied many traditional sciences, but we have always kept our mind open to hear the words of the Great Spirit that blow in the gentle wind, and murmur softly in a birdsong.

Myriad mysteries and endless fields of wonder abound on this beautiful blue planet. We seek to comprehend the wealth of knowledge that our beloved ancestors have given to us. We offer our help in preserving our precious Earth, and seeking to find harmony with all beings, ... and to enjoy life!

We present a combination of scientific evidence, myths, legends, and psychic visions to share the joyful, tragic and dramatic history of Atlantis.

We hope you enjoy sharing our journey into the terrestrial and extraterrestrial roots of humanity. As we reveal the reality of Atlantis, and experience a great love story that began 40,000 years ago, on the top of a hill by the side of the sea.

Flying Eagle searched for the homeland of the Comanche nation.

He finally found it, and it turned out to be Atlantis.

In 1929, in a small cabin, located on the Great Plains, a Comanche Indian medicine-woman, named Little Snow told her 9 year old grandson, Flying Eagle, about a beautiful lost city where their ancestors came from. Little Snow prophesied that Flying Eagle would find that city before he died. Thus began a life-long odyssey in search of that beautiful city and the origin of the Comanche Nation.

Flying Eagle first began searching the American Southwest. He and his father would ride horses for many weeks exploring ancient Indian campsites and abandoned Spanish villages. They visited Grandfather Jack of the Hopi nation. They traveled to Sedona, long before there were any hotels or crystal stores, or resorts. Sedona was a sacred gathering place for Indian tribes coming far from the north, south, east and west. They shared ceremonies, and enjoyed games, and traded their crafts, produce, and knowledge.

Flying Eagle’s father was a medicine man. He taught young Flying Eagle the ways of Comanche medicine. He was a harsh teacher but he taught respect for the spirits of nature and how to communicate with the animal spirits. He taught Flying Eagle how to control a wild horse with the sound of his voice instead of a rope or whip.

High in Rocky Mountains, Flying Eagle's father showed him where thousands of ancient shark teeth lay embedded in a layer of sandstone. He explained how the earth changes. He showed him the bones of prehistoric dinosaurs.

Flying Eagle’s father showed him where thousands of Buffalo bones lay buried by the sands of time. The giant herds of the Indian’s buffalo friends were murdered by the ignorant white-man. Flying Eagle’s father called the white-men, “little brother” and taught Flying Eagle that they were like foolish children who did not understand the natural ways of the Great Spirit. Flying Eagle stood in silence as he watched the only tear he ever saw his father shed, run down his father’s cheek and fall into dust of the dry riverbed. They rode on in silence.

Grandfather Quanah


Flying Eagle is the great grandson of Comanche Indian Chieftain Quanah Parker. His Mother was the daughter of an Irish Southern Baptist preacher. Flying Eagle, as a Comanche-Irish half-breed, experienced prejudice from both the white-man and the Indians. Flying Eagle's skin was too dark to attend Sunday school in the morning with the white children. He could not go in the afternoon with the Indian children, because they threw rocks at him and called him "coyote" (half dog and half wolf).

The painful prejudice that Leon encountered began another quest to discover the reasoning that creates such blind injustice and segregation. He sought ways of attaining tolerance and harmony within our human species.


US Marine 1939 .......Leon Flying Eagle 1989

"The only constant in the universe is change" ~Flying Eagle

In his youthful days, Flying Eagle rode his pony across the plains. Later, he watched people help each survive during the Great Depression. He saw the horrors of madness during WWII. He worked in City Hall, and he also rebelled against an unjust society. He became an artist, teacher, musician and author. Flying Eagle always encouraged everyone he talked to, to look inside themselves and explore the beautiful endless kingdoms within. He encouraged each of us to be proud of our differences. He studied our dual heritage, always exploring our terrestrial and extraterrestrial origins.

For over 30 years, together, we contemplated the thin thread of reality that is woven into all myths and histories, and then followed this intertwining cord as it winds its way back through the ages of time, back to the primal origins of Humankind, and then finally and joyfully, we learned that the truth about Atlantis lies right where it has always been, ... inside the beautiful realms that exist inside of each of us.

Celebrating the life of
Flying Eagle

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