The irresistible Power of Love.


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The Atlantis Motherland book reveals that Plato's Atlantis Dialogues begin with a romantic love story. An advanced being, from the Sirius Star System, contacted a primitive young Earth woman and fell in love with her. This contact was the beginning of a life-long love affair, an epic adventure, and a mighty empire.

The visiting god became known by the name Posiedon, because a famous Greek lawmaker, wise sage, and merchant, named Solon gave the god the Greek name of Posiedon. Solon translated ancient Egyptian records into the Greek language, about 600 BC. The real name of this advanced space traveler was not recorded.

The Atlantis Motherland book calls the visiting god, Xoah. This adventurous scientist lived on the Planet Xylanthia, when the call of a young Earth maiden, named Tua, reached out across eight light years of space. Help me! Help my tribe!

The irresistible Power of Love drew Xoah and Tua together to begin a new species and create the Great Empire of ATLANTIS. The boundless power of Love transcended the barriers between their vastly different cultures. The Xylanthians enjoyed a culture of profound equality, while the primitive Earth tribe existed in a violent survival culture, where the strongest ruled by force.

The Cosmic forces of the universe brought together to very different beings, but against all odds, their love created a new city, a new species, a new culture, and thousands of generations of offspring. Finally thier mighty kingdom was destroyed by the great Atlantis flood, but their descendants had already spread out and circumnavigated their beautiful blue planet, called Earth.

This image of Tua and Xoah communicating across space was created by Ernist Nelson. We engaged in long conversations and meditations about the physical appearance of Xoah and Tua. Finally we created a stylized representation of contrasting cultures, communicating across time and space, as a graphic stimulus to awaken psychogenetic memories of Atlantis.



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