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Thirty-nine thousand years ago a primitive tribe of wild robust Neanderthals celebrated the beginning of a new species. Visitors from a distant planet united with their tribe. Together they created the great Empire of Atlantis, the Motherland of all modern Humans.

Myths and history are intertwined into a genetic umbilical cord which connects us to our ancient ancestors. All myths contain history and all history contains myths. A thin thread of reality is woven into this interlacing, as this cord winds its pathway through the ages of time. Following this path back to its point of origin, reveals the true knowledge of our dual heritage, both terrestrial and our extraterrestrial.

Atlantis Motherland book takes you on journey into the primal origins of Humankind. Discover the true location of Atlantis! Explore our heritage and meet our ancient ancestors!


Introduction to the

The Atlantis Motherland book joyfully announces the true location of the lost Empire of Atlantis. The City of Atlantis was centered upon the famous Mithridat Hill, in ancient Panticapaeum, capital of the Kingdom of Bosporus, north of the Pontus (Black Sea). The lost ancient advanced civilization, we now call Atlantis, is the common Motherland of all Humans.

We invite you to join an exciting expedition back through the mists of time to discover the origin of our species. This journey leads us into the endless realms of our own inner kingdoms. Do you have a psycho-genetic memory of Atlantis? The Atlantis Motherland Project is designed to awaken and stimulate memories of your own ancient past.

The discovery of Atlantis requires the synergy of thousands of years of history, legends and myths, correlated with the accumulated knowledge of countless investigators, scholars, scientists, adventure-seekers and each one of you, because, ultimately, the discovery of Atlantis is a very personal discovery.

We present an introduction and overview of the Atlantis Motherland book. Our research is based on traditional methods of archeological investigations, analyzing correlations between history and myths, applying various concepts of sciences and new technologies, psychic visualization, remote viewing, intuition, activating psycho-genetic memory, and accessing cosmic consciousness (IAMU).

Close examination of both, conventional and unconventional research, creates a polarity and a dual-perspective, which stimulates our terrestrial and our extraterrestrial genetic intelligence functions. When we establish harmony within our own dual-heritage, we create a template for generating harmony within our species, and peace throughout our beautiful Blue Planet; our precious Motherland Earth.

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