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The City of Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes, and major portions of the city sank into the sea, in 9,600 BC. The fertile farmlands of the Island of Atlantis sank and formed the Sea of Azov. Tsunamis sweep in over Atlantis City from the Black Sea. Shoals of mud blocked Kerch Strait, which blocked passage into the Sea of Azov.

The historical Hill of Mithridat is located in the center of the Crimean city of Kerch. Beneath the hill are numerous underground rock quarries, rooms and catacombs, as described in Plato's Atlantis Dialogues.

Fifty feet offshore in Kerch Strait, are clearly visible ruins of 7 feet thick stone walls and foundations of guard towers. The foundation stones of a defensive wall, 45 feet thick, have been located submerged in Taman Bay, on the Russian side of Kerch Strait.

Atlantis City was founded by benevolent "gods" which united with primitive Earth-born Tribes. Numerous archeological sites of prehistoric Neanderthal settlements surround Kerch, Ukraine. This area was an ice age haven, which attracted a wide range of animals, including primitive man, to this fertile primeval paradise.

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